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Large Denial of Service Attack provider UltraDNS in 23/dec/2009

Large Denial of Service Attack provider UltraDNS in 23/dec/2009

Very Good, Phil...

You’d be down if you were hosted on AWS. But you’d be down if your business was on Salesforce too. Lots of other BIG companies are “down”. So why is this an AWS headline? You should really change the headline to read “UltraDNS attacked. Impacts AWS, Salesforce, Target and others”. Try to practice journalism once in a while ok? [2]

Thanks… [2]

Lustato Tenterrara

referente a:
"Looks like Amazon has decided to go on holiday vacation early, and invited all of its customers to go along with it. Amazon and Amazon Web Services seem to be down, and people are noticing it. This is bad news for any companies relying on Amazon’s cloud services. Many startups use Amazon Web Services to host files in the cloud including images and other key content. And it isn’t the first time this has happened (though its competition isn’t much better). And, of course, those looking for extremely last minute holiday gifts are out of luck. We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment, and we’ll update you on the status of Amazon. Update: Amazon looks to be back up from here. Is it up for you? Update 2 CNET is reporting that the problem stemmed from a large denial of service attack on Amazon’s DNS provider UltraDNS, which also affected other sites such as Salesforce and Walmart."
- Amazon Takes A Holiday Vacation, Takes Customers With It (Update) (ver no Google Sidewiki)

UltraDNS attacked

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