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Google Sidewiki: The Greatest Product of the Internet, even bigger than itself Google Corporation by Lustato Tenterrara

The Google Sidewiki is an excellent resource.

I believe that Google Sidewiki will be the future of the web, since it has the potential to become a partner of any and all web pages, to the extent of its ease of use and dissemination by sharing with Twitter, Facebook and others that will follow, in addition to excellent resource for simultaneous publication with the Platform Blogspot blogs.

However, this feature with the simultaneous publication of Blogspot blogs, it is in a minor setback for those who have more than 25 blogs on Blogspot, as they are displayed only 25 blogs on Blogspot, with no option to choose which of the 100 blogs (out Blogger, the User) are chosen for simultaneous publication.

Given this minor setback, it becomes impossible to access the other blogs on Blogspot, via Google Sidewiki.

Since few users face this problem because they must be few to have more than 25 blogs on Blogspot, we are afraid that Google will leave Team to provide a solution to our problem, given the same opinion as just an isolated problem, since it affects just who has more than 25 blogs on Blogspot.

We look forward, the Team Goggle throw a sharper look to Google Sidewiki because the Sidewiki will show in short term, the biggest phenomenon in the integration and interconnection of web pages, which will make the Google Corporation, a company with full dominion over the entire web.

Such recognition may result in a contrary movement of radical groups anti-google, which is already mobilizing against the natural evolution of the web.

For our part we consider this possibility only a natural consequence that rewards those who dedicate themselves fully to seek uses, facilities and tools that facilitate the use and integration web. It is therefore natural that Google Corporation, the owner of the Google Sidewiki, reap the rewards that will follow and will allow the Google Corporation to become the Lord of the Web, with an absolute monopoly on notes and quotas on all web pages, which will Google Sidewiki the greatest product of the Internet, even bigger than itself Google Corporation.

Problems which may occur, for sure will be corrected with the advancement and development of technology, law and ethics.

And one of the first steps of the Google Corporation is to recognize that potential Google Sidewiki, consider it a differentiated product Google Toolbar (Google Toolbar), raising its status to a customer, team, support and forum dedicated specifically to Google Sidewiki.
A hug.
Lustato Tenterrara

O Google Sidewiki é um excelente recurso.

Considero que o Google Sidewiki será o futuro da web, vez que possui potencial para tornar-se parceiro de todas e quaisquer páginas web, na medida de sua facilidade de uso e divulgação por compartilhamento com o Twitter, Facebook e outros que advirão, além do excelente recurso de publicação simultânea com os blogs da Plataforma Blogspot.

No entanto, nesse recurso de publicação simultânea com os blogs do Blogspot, está ocorrendo um pequeno contratempo para quem possui mais de 25 blogs do Blogspot, pois são visualizados apenas 25 blogs do Blogspot, não havendo opção para se escolher quais dos 100 blogs (limite do Blogger, por usuário) sejam escolhidos para publicação simultânea.

Face esse pequeno contratempo, torna-se impossível acessar os demais blogs do Blogspot, por meio do Google Sidewiki.

Vez que poucos usuários enfrentarão esse problema, pois devem ser poucos a possuir mais de 25 blogs do Blogspot, estamos com receio de que o Google Team deixe de apresentar uma solução para o nosso problema, face o mesmo parecer apenas um problema isolado, pois atinge apenas quem possui mais de 25 blogs do Blogspot.

Aguardamos, ansiosos, que o Goggle Team lance um olhar mais aguçado para o Google Sidewiki, pois o Sidewiki se mostrará, em pequeno prazo, o maior fenômeno na integração e interligação de páginas web, o que tornará o Google Corp

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